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Elementary Geography


Charlotte Mason’s first geography reader, written to introduce her students many aspects of physical geography.

The Story Book of Science


The mysteries of science are unveiled naturally and easily through this collection of discussions with Uncle Paul

Great Inventors and Their Inventions


Learn about the inventors of the machines we benefit from every day of our lives. Reading breaks have been indicated for those following the Ambleside Online schedule.

Home Geography for Primary Grades


A solid foundation in geography for children.

Handbook of Nature Study, Birds


Take The Handbook of Nature-Study with you wherever you go with these handy new color editions from Living Book Press. This volume features Birds.

The Iliad for Boys and Girls


Homer’s classic poem rewritten for young audiences.

Marvels of the Occident


Written for students but loved by all ages Marvels of the Occident takes you on a journey to some of the marvels of our world. Visit wonders both natural and man-made, places you’ve heard about, and others you won’t believe you didn’t know of before.



The mischievous adventures of Penrod and his friends.