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Men of Iron


A young squire seeks to redeem his father’s honour.

Home Geography for Primary Grades


A solid foundation in geography for children.

Fifty Famous Stories Retold


Fifty classic stories that introduce characters and events from history that are still referenced today.

Viking Tales


The history of Harald Fairhair through to the Viking discovery of the US told in short stories for children.

The Little Duke


Taken hostage at a young age Richard learns hard lesssons about leadership and kindness. Broken up to match the Ambleside Online reading order.

Great Inventors and Their Inventions


Learn about the inventors of the machines we benefit from every day of our lives. Reading breaks have been indicated for those following the Ambleside Online schedule.

The Red Fairy Book


37 more classic fairy tales collected and retold by Andrew Lang.

Parables from Nature


Parables about nature that reveal God, ordered to match the Ambleside Online reading schedule.

Marco Polo, his travels and adventures


Follow Marco Polo from his home in Venice to the wonders of the Orient.

Handbook of Nature Study, Fish, Reptiles, Ambhibians, Invertebrates


Take The Handbook of Nature-Study with you wherever you go with these handy new color editions from Living Book Press. This volume features Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, and Invertebrates.

The Burgess Bird book with new images


Join Peter Rabbit as he meets and learns about North American birds in Old Mother Nature’s classroom. Discover birds, both great and small, from the Starling to the Eagle, the Bluebird to the Goose, the Hummingbird to the Owl, and so many more. No matter where you’re from, the descriptive text and beautiful photographs will introduce you to North America’s wonderful and diverse birdlife.

The Heroes


Three classics of mythology presented with many illustrations.