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This Country of Ours


The history of the United States told by H.E. Marshall.


A Book of Centuries


Connect the dots throughout history by keeping your own Book of Centuries.

Our Island Story


The stories that make the history of England, but factual and mythological, in chronological order.

Captains Courageous


How will a spoilt rich-kid-city-boy, rescued by a fishing trawler, cope with having to pull his own weight at sea?

Great Inventors and Their Inventions


Learn about the inventors of the machines we benefit from every day of our lives. Reading breaks have been indicated for those following the Ambleside Online schedule.

Home Geography for Primary Grades


A solid foundation in geography for children.

Handbook of Nature Study, Birds


Take The Handbook of Nature-Study with you wherever you go with these handy new color editions from Living Book Press. This volume features Birds.

The Childs Book of Nature


Previously published as the Christian Liberty Nature Reader 5.

Charlotte Mason Book of Centuries


Based on the Book of Centuries kept by pupils of Charlotte Mason herself.

Madam How and Lady Why


A literary science book with section marks to align with the Ambleside Online reading schedule.

Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates


Wooden skates won’t help Hans win the race, but are there more important things to spend the little money they have on?

Wild Animals I Have Known


The life and struggles of Animals as observed by Seton, arranged to fit the Ambleside Online reading order.