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The Burgess Animal Book for Children


Join Peter Rabbit and his friends as he learns about the animals of North America.

The Story Book of Science


The mysteries of science are unveiled naturally and easily through this collection of discussions with Uncle Paul

The Secrets of the Woods


A naturist shares his careful observations of bush creatures.

Our Island Story


The stories that make the history of England, but factual and mythological, in chronological order.

Viking Tales


The history of Harald Fairhair through to the Viking discovery of the US told in short stories for children.

Home Geography for Primary Grades


A solid foundation in geography for children.

Fifty Famous Stories Retold


Fifty classic stories that introduce characters and events from history that are still referenced today.

Marco Polo, his travels and adventures


Follow Marco Polo from his home in Venice to the wonders of the Orient.

Marco Polo


Manuel Komroff, a translator of Marco Polo’s original book, retells his adventure for children.

The Blue Fairy Book


37 Fairy Tales from around the world, arranged in Ambleside Online reading order.