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The Red Fairy Book


37 more classic fairy tales collected and retold by Andrew Lang.

The King of the Golden River


A fable, a myth and a parable about the power of love and kindness.

English Fairy Tales


43 Fairy Tales from England, featuring both well known and more obscure stories that are sure to delight.

The Story of the Iliad


One of the greatest war stories of all time rewritten for younger readers, still in a literary style.

The Blue Fairy Book


37 Fairy Tales from around the world, arranged in Ambleside Online reading order.

The Pied Piper of Hamelin


The Piep Piper with beautiful color illustrations by Kate Greenaway.

Tanglewood Tales


Six wonderful myths retold by Nathaniel Hawthorne

A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys


Six wonderful myths retold by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Australian Legendary Tales


30 Fascinating stories from the Noongahburrah people, some of the First Australians accompanied by the original illustrations.