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Two books written by Charlotte Mason to teach students morals and self-control.

Home Education


The first volume in one of the most influential education books of all time.

Parents and Children


A collection of Parents Review articles written by Charlotte Mason to encourage and instruct parents.

A Philosophy of Education


The final work before her death, summing up her life’s learning about education.

School Education


The art of teaching 9-12 year olds

Formation of Character


Using illustrations from literature Ms. Mason teaches parents about the development of children’s character.

Successful Homeschooling Made Easy


A 20-year homeschooling veteran shares wisdom and advice in this easy-to-implement guide to setting up a homeschool that works for you and your family.

Charlotte Mason Made Easy


Incorporating the various aspects of a Charlotte Mason philosophy can be daunting. This guide, written by a 20-year-homeschooling veteran makes it easy. Each chapter features steps to help you as you set up your homeschool.