Coming Soon

Check out these upcoming books. I have many others on the burner so these may be bumped back a bit if I decide to release one of the others instead. If you really want something that’s being bumped please let me know and I should be able to add it to your order.

15 July – The British Empire and the Great Divisions of the Globe (Geography Reader Book 2) – Charlotte Mason


22 July – Our Empire Story in color & in black and white.

29 July – Tales from Shakespeare – Lamb. In AO order.

5 August – Matter Molecules and Atoms


12 August – The Children of the New Forest

19 August – Five Little Peppers Midway




Marco Polo – Manuel Komroff

The Princess and Curdie – George MacDonald

John of the Sirius – Doris Chadwick

Australian Wildflower Magic – Nuri Mass

The Wizard of Jenolan – Nuri Mass

The Story of Australia

…more to be announced soon!