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A Book of Centuries


Connect the dots throughout history by keeping your own Book of Centuries.

This Country of Ours


The history of the United States told by H.E. Marshall.

Our Island Story


The stories that make the history of England, but factual and mythological, in chronological order.

Viking Tales


The history of Harald Fairhair through to the Viking discovery of the US told in short stories for children.

The Little Duke


Taken hostage at a young age Richard learns hard lesssons about leadership and kindness. Broken up to match the Ambleside Online reading order.

Marco Polo, his travels and adventures


Follow Marco Polo from his home in Venice to the wonders of the Orient.

Charlotte Mason Book of Centuries


Based on the Book of Centuries kept by pupils of Charlotte Mason herself.

A Book of Golden Deeds


A collection of some of the bravest and most daring deeds retold to inspire readers of all ages.

The Story of Canada


Presented in letters, journal entries, stories and conversations, the history of Canada comes alive.

The Story of the Greeks


Greek history comes alive through maps, pictures, and many short stories.

Marco Polo


Manuel Komroff, a translator of Marco Polo’s original book, retells his adventure for children.

The Story of the Romans


Roman history comes alive through maps, pictures, and many short stories.