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The Story of the Romans


Roman history comes alive through maps, pictures, and many short stories.

Thirty More Famous Stories Retold


If Fifty Famous Stories weren’t enough here are the stories of thirty more individuals that should be known by everyone.

John of Sydney Cove


The sequel to John of the Sirius follows the founding of the colony at Sydney Cove.



A thrilling story set against the backdrop of real events.

John of the Sirius


A meticulously researched story about a fictional child aboard the First Fleet headed to Australia.



The thrilling sequel that picks up from the moment Kidnapped ends.

Scotlands Story


The history of Scotland from Gathelus to King George the IV.

In Freedom’s Cause


William Wallace and Robert Bruce fight the force of the British in this riveting historical tale told from the Scots perspective.

Our Australasian Story


The Australian and New Zealand chapters of H.E. Marshall’s Our Empire Story

The Aussie Crusaders


Journey into the sands of WWI with a couple of ANZACS.