The Aussie Crusaders – Joseph Bowes (Softcover)

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Jock Smith and M’Thirst, two brave ANZAC’s, have been captured by the Bedouins and are being traded to their enemy, the Turks. But no matter the situation these Aussies can’t be kept down for long, and before they know it they’ll have a hand in turning the tide of war.

In The Aussie Crusaders you can experience the Great War as one of the troops in this captivating tale that takes you behind enemy lines, on daring desert escapes, and finally leading the troops into battle as the Allies attempt to take Palestine.

Featuring the original illustrations by Wal Paget this new edition is sure to thrill readers of all ages, and give fresh appreciation of the sacrifices made by those who have to fight in war.

This edition features the full text of the original, complete and unabridged.

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