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A tin containing 50 paper thin, precision-cut smooth metal clips that slide on and off the page at your exact line AND without ever leaving a mark.

It will be visible at the page edge, even when your book is closed. They are archivally correct and can be moved or left in place for you or someone else to rediscover your reading discoveries. A safe alternative to paperclips, underlining, and highlighting. They won’t stain your pages and will save your favourite passages for years to come and are available in three different finishes (Bronze, Stainless Steel, or Brass).

More than a bookmark they are an easy book reference system. Use different colours to show where in the book different children should read from, highlight passages by theme… the options are endless.

“So long as I looked at them as bookmarks, I was unable to see their use. Then I looked at them again and realized they were really made to be line markers, rather than page markets; tiny, persistent, unobtrusive non-damaging annotation devices, visible even from the side of a closed book. They are miraculous. Using bookdarts I now mark easily 5 times the number of passages that I used to, generally far more, given how infrequently I used to annotate or mark at all. When I die I will be able to pass on not only my library, but the passages of interest to me. And there will be far more of them, and they will be far more easily discovered than I ever could have imagined. My only regret is that I have not used them all my life. If I could give any single gift to an avid reader, it would be their first tin of bookdarts. Seriously; no joke.”

– Heath Rezabek, librarian, U. Texas


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Weight 501 g

Brass, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Mixed


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