At Living Book Press we’re just homeschoolers trying to pay forward the help we get by making great books affordable and easily available.

When we first started homeschooling our boys I was really drawn to the Charlotte Mason method. The idea of using great books to convey the big ideas and lessons of life resonated with our family. The only problem was that many of the books were so hard to find. Many that were still protected by copyright were out-of-print and getting very expensive second-hand, and living in Australia many public domain titles readily available in the US were very expensive to import here.

Without the wonderful people who had put curricula together I knew I couldn’t have started schooling my boys, so to pay forward all the help I get I decided to try and make homeschooling using the Charlotte Mason method easier for all the families to follow.

Making books available to families that wouldn’t have otherwise been able to use them makes all the hard work tracking down rights, transcribing, formatting and proofing worthwhile.

Our mission is to pay forward the help we’ve had from those who came before by making great quality reprints of living books affordable for everyone in a variety of formats.


Some of the books we’ve spent hundreds of hours transcribing and formatting to make available for a new generation of readers are by the following authors. With your support, we can keep working to release more of these previously hard-to-obtain titles.

Charlotte Mason

Richard Halliburton

Nuri Mass