He Went With Christopher Columbus


Follow Peter Aubrey as he joins Columbus’ famous voyage across the seas in this wonderful living book that teaches both history and geography.

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Peter, 12, has just inherited the title of Lord Aubrey at the death of his father. When his jealous Uncle Diego devises a plot to make himself the next Lord Aubrey, Peter escapes and, under a false name, joins Christopher Columbus on his voyage across the sea. The sailors fear they will fall off the end of the world, but finally they discover the Caribbean Islands.

While Peter is recovering from an injury, living in a hidden valley with a native tribe, the Spanish take over most of the Island. Discovering that gold doesn’t just grow on trees they force the Native people to dig it from the ground, often working them to death. Peter himself is captured and enslaved, his master exclaiming: “Look at the muscles this boy has. Look at his teeth – white as a mastiff’s! See those legs – like bronze… Eat you as soon as look at you, but I’ve got him tamed – got him tamed, you know.”

Will Peter ever return to England and reclaim his rightful position as Lord Aubrey?

Louise Andrews Kent is a master storyteller, weaving historical accuracy and immersive adventure into one epic voyage of discovery.

This new edition features all the original illustrations and clean, readable text. It is a fantastic living book teaching about history and geography, recommended for ages 10 and up.



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