He Went With Vasco Da Gama


Follow Shane O’Connor  as he joins Vasco Da Gama on his epic voyage in this wonderful living book that teaches both history and geography.

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Shane O’Connor, an astrologer’s assistant in the year 1497, has the chance to travel with the great Vasco da Gama. Their quest? To discover a sailing route to India, a task many feel is impossible. When hearing of it one man exclaims:

“Well, it seems all the fools are not yet dead! You are free to go and sail across seas of boiling pitch, to die of strange fevers, to be swallowed by serpents, or be boiled for dinner by savages. Good-bye, gentlemen, and–a pleasant journey to you!”

Fear of the unknown haunts the sailors. Hearing word of a mutiny Shane and his friends tell Vasco and save the excursion. Although successful in finding a way to India, what use are the spices and other riches from this exotic land if they can’t make it back? Trouble lurks around every corner, with evil plots in this strange land, and changes at home. What is waiting for them if they even can return to Portugal?

Louise Andrews Kent is a master storyteller, weaving historical accuracy and immersive adventure into one epic voyage of discovery.

This new edition features all the original illustrations and clean, readable text. It is a fantastic living book teaching about history and geography, recommended for ages 10 and up.



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