Katya’s Book of Mushrooms


Learn the thrilling art of the mushroom hunt, how to identify mushrooms, and most importantly, which are safe!

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Katya’s Book of Mushrooms is an exciting and educational adventure full of entertaining anectodes and interesting trivia! Join Katya Arnold as she travels the world discovering the amazing world of mushrooms, from their unique shapes and colors to their many uses. With colorful illustrations, fun facts, and hands-on activities, this book will have readers of all ages learning, exploring, and having fun!

“Katya’s Book of Mushrooms is an engaging introduction to mushrooms and mushrooming with much useful information and tips on finding, identifying and enjoying the fungal diversity. It’s an exuberant celebration of the world of mushrooms and includes some charming descriptions of people and cultures as well”
-William Schiller, American Museum of Natural History

“Katya’s Book of Mushrooms is a good choice for beginners of all ages. It is especially appropriate for young people because the illustrations are fun to look at as well as correct mycologically and the text is both accurate and free of jargon. Katya Arnold weaves a gorgeous web of connections among mushrooms, woods, and people and the book exudes the passion that sends people out looking for fungi. This is a welcome addition to every mushroom hunter’s shelf of books.”
-Gary Lincoff, author of The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms, former president of the North American Mycological Society

“Mushrooms are interesting, strange, and delightful. Here is a sprightly introduction to their colorful world for young readers. I will give it to my five-year-old daughter, who already wants to know more about these fascinating inhabitants of forests and fields.”
-Andrew Weil, M.D., director of the program in integrative medicine, University of Arizona, and author of Spontaneous Healing

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