The Call of the Wild


Experience the raw power of instinct in “The Call of the Wild.” This classic tale of survival and transformation is a must-read for adventurers at heart.

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Journey back to the late 1890s and experience the Klondike Gold Rush, a fascinating historical event that drew thousands to the icy landscapes of the Yukon in search of fortune.

Meet Buck, a lovable, domesticated dog who gets a crash course in survival when he’s snatched from his cozy home and sold as a sled dog. As you follow Buck’s incredible story in The Call of the Wild you’ll learn about the harsh realities of life in the wilderness, from battling extreme cold to finding food.

But it’s not all grim – Buck finds his true calling and transforms into a leader among wolves! This classic tale is a fantastic way to explore themes like survival, the clash between civilization and nature, and the amazing power of instinct. It’s a must-read that offers valuable life lessons for adventurers young and old.

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5.5 x 8.5 in


Black & white

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Cambria 12pt


27 black and white full page and in line illustrations

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Softcover, Hardcover, PDF

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