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🌱A Lifestyle of Learning Bundle🌱

“Our aim in education is to give a full life. We owe it to them to initiate an immense number of interests. Life should be all living, and not merely a tedious passing of time; not all doing or all feeling or all thinking – the strain would be too great – but, all living; that is to say, we should be in touch wherever we go, whatever we hear, whatever we see, with some manner of vital interest.”
-Charlotte Mason 
I’ve contributed some of the new Handbook of Nature Study PDF’s to go along with a huge amount of great products. If you are looking for resources that weave together beauty, inspiration, and learning, this is the one!
For US$25 you will receive resources in 6 categories: 
🌿Beauty Loop
🌿Morning Time
🌿Mother Culture
🌿Nature Study
🌿Reading & Literature
🌿Special Studies
This bundle was carefully curated to bring only items we ourselves would use in our homes. Within you will find:
🌿 Over $300 worth of Charlotte Mason inspired resources
🌿 More than 2500 pages of learning materials
🌿 60 different products
Act quickly, as this bundle is here for 7 days and then will never again be sold as one set.

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