To err is human…

I love the CM community. The wisdom and encouragement I get from you all is what makes me confident in home-schooling my boys. There is no way I can repay all the help I get, so one of my main purposes in republishing these books was that it was my way to ‘pay it forward’. I’ve been itching with excitement at every post asking if they were available or complaining about how expensive they were second hand.

But, unfortunately, I made a small mistake. Copies from this website were fine but there was a problem on Amazon. I was alerted to the fact that a draft of the cover was showing on Amazon which contained a typo. I must have done something wrong when uploading the corrected version. I had uploaded the correct covers when I had the sickening feeling that the interior may not have updated either. It’s nothing major, a few apostrophes facing the wrong way, and a couple of commas that should be periods etc. Things that flicking through you wouldn’t notice, but things that would take me out of the reading experience. It’s not the quality I would want for myself, so it’s not what I want to release.

Any future orders won’t have a problem, and they’ll be available again over the next couple of days after I go over the proofs once more with a fine tooth comb, just to be double sure! I want people to know that when they purchase one of my books, it will be great.

If you have purchased one of the Amazon ‘typo’ copies in the short time they were available please contact me so that we can work something out. Once the other books are finished (a couple of weeks from now) there will be a full set available on our website which will be cheaper than Amazon. If you let me know how many you bought from Amazon I’ll send you a coupon code which will give you a discount for the books you’ve already purchased and I’ll send you a new complete set.

Thanks for your understanding!

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