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Just as there are many different reasons we homeschool there are also many different ways. If you’re here at Living Book Press you probably like to use good literature. Some of us literature lovers like to use a set curriculum, others like to put one together themselves. If you’re in Australia and would prefer to get a complete curriculum Simply Homeschool have plans from K-10 with low cost quarterly membership.

I’ve been fortunate to meet Karen and she’s lovely. Her website has not only the core curriculum aligned to the NESA objectives but also a separate section called Just Good Book which links to great books in many different subjects. It’s easy to navigate and find books.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the options for schooling your children visit Simply Homeschool and use the free trial to access the first 2 lessons in every core program.

Here’s Karen talking about her curriculum and why she started it.

Can Simply Homeschool make a difference? from Karen Willson on Vimeo.

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