My Hardcover Samples Arrived & free shipping on sets!

I’ve been like a kid at Christmas, waiting for the postman each day to bring me my presents, in this case, my samples of the hardcover Charlotte Mason books! And when they arrived I was not disappointed. Cloth covered with gold stamped title and author on the spine, they are beautiful and understated, you can see them above. The only thing I’ll change is that the author will say ‘Charlotte M. Mason’ on the blue copy rather than just ‘Charlotte Mason’. I think it looks better that way. They’ll be available as a full set with free shipping anywhere in Australia, Europe and the USA/Canada and will be released early July 2017. Pricing in the USA/Canada is US$119.95 shipped, and in Australia $179.95 shipped. Here’s a link to the blue set, and the gray. Order now to get yours asap!

Full sets of the softcovers are also available for US$70 shipped in the USA/Canada and $109.95 in Australia. Any Aussies who bought the first few books and want the rest please contact me so I can give you an extra discount to make it as if you ordered them all at once.

The website has also been customised to hopefully show local pricing depending on where you’re shopping from (and to hide the Books of Marvels from US customers. I don’t like refunding money and telling people I can’t send books to them!). Pricing is cheaper than Amazon, and shipping in the US/Canada is free when you spend over $30!

As soon as Vol 6 is uploaded I’ll start contacting those of you with ‘typo’ copies also!

If you have any questions please let us know, and please share this with anyone who may like to get some of the books.

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  1. What is the font size of both the softcover and hardcover editions? Is everything the same on the inside of the 2 editions? Thanks!

    1. Hi Leslie,
      The font size and paper size is the same between the hard and soft cover versions. The only difference is the covers (and a line in the copyright info).

        1. Because font size isn’t always comparable between different fonts you can download a sample from here.

          That way you can print it full size and make sure you find it easy to read. The main font is Bookmania, and the size is 10. It’s the same, or very marginally larger than the ‘pink’ books, apart from Vol 6 in which case it’s definitely bigger as the original had a smaller font. Becuase it’s a clean transcription and not a copy of an old book it’s a lot easier to read.

    1. Hi Rochelle, They will, I just need to sort out shipping prices etc on them, as it’s a different distribution center to the softcover books.If you’re after a particular one please contact us and I’ll sort out a quote for you.

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