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About a year ago I was lucky enough to stumble across a great Facebook group called Reshelving Alexandria. From the couple of hundred people that were there when I joined it’s now grown to almost 2,000. While their name does a great job conveying their purpose here’s their focus in their own words-

“Reshelving Alexandria is a project designed to assist families in discovering living books that will spark the imaginations of every member of the family. We aim to share the best books that are true, honest, lovely, virtuous and of good report and introduce families to current and past authors whose enthusiasm and ideas will touch the mind and heart. We recognize that each family is unique and therefore, we seek to share a broad range of books to meet those individual needs.”

To help all of us ‘living book lovers’ curate our libraries they’ve recently launched a new website with some great features. Not sure how many books are in some classic book series? It can help. Want complete lists of books by great authors? Easily done. I’ve been told there are more to come. Feel free to check it out at, and watch the video at the bottom of the page to see what’s planned, and what’s to come with future memberships.

I’ve been blessed to be so supported by the lovely people at Reshelving Alexandria, and am honoured that they’ve chosen to feature Living Book Press as a featured publisher on their site as we continue to bring living books back to life.

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