My Homeschool Australian Curriculum Provider

My Homeschool is an Australian homeschool curriculum inspired by the teaching methods of Charlotte Mason. It incorporates the Australian Curriculum and each state’s syllabus into its curriculum.

Founder, Michelle Morrow and collaborator Jo Lloyd both used the Charlotte Mason in their own homeschool. They currently offer Kindergarten/Prep/Pre Primary to Year 8.

It was Michelle who first introduced me to the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling when I was beginning to consider this journey, and was also part of the inspiration for me starting Living Book Press. There’s a good chance that without her my life today would be very different to what it is!

Living Books & Charlotte Mason Inspired

They use living books, short lessons, narration, copywork, world history, and nature study inspired lessons in geography and science. Whilst Charlotte Mason’s method of homeschooling is their guiding educational philosophy, they have deviated from her approach somewhat as they comply with the content demands of the Australian Curriculum.

My Homeschool uses Living Book Press titles in their curriculum. They recently gave us a nudge to get a Book of Centuries printed because they wanted to use if for their history curriculum and some of our science titles are part of their core curriculum.

My Homeschool is an online school for homeschoolers. It uses Moodle, a learning platform created for schools and universities that they have tailored for homeschooling families. Whilst they use an online platform for learning and organising work, many of their lessons require reading from a living book or a paper-based resource. The main strength of this platform is that all of your resources are stored in one place. However, in the primary years hardly any of the work is done online. In Year 7 and Year 8 there are still lots of living books to read and notebooking activities, but children have some online work they do independently.

The parent will benefit from having these online homeschooling resources available on their phone and there are also links to some videos but your child will not be writing their work online and they will be reading, narrating and notebooking from living books.

My Homeschool is a virtual home educator’s staff room. It provides a community forum, parent teacher enrichment courses, a state registration application course, and the digital platform for our graded course.

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