Chaucer for Children


Discover the timeless appeal of Chaucer’s legendary tales, adapted for young readers to celebrate virtues like wisdom, courage, and morality.

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Delve into the magical world of Geoffrey Chaucer, where chivalry, love, and redemption come to life in vivid detail. Adapted with finesse by H. R. Haweis, these stories open a window into medieval Europe for a new generation of readers.

‘The Golden Key: Chaucer for Children’ is a delightful adaptation of Geoffrey Chaucer’s timeless works, masterfully retold for a younger audience. This enchanting collection introduces children to the whimsical characters, engaging narratives, and moral lessons found in Chaucer’s famous tales.From the adventurous Knight’s Tale to the humorous Miller’s Tale, each story is retold in language that captures the imagination while remaining accessible to modern readers. The book serves as a wonderful introduction to classic literature, fostering a love for storytelling and an appreciation for the richness of the English language. Whether read aloud or enjoyed independently, ‘The Golden Key’ opens the door to a world of wonder, laughter, and learning that will resonate with children and adults alike.

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