Saints and Heroes Bundle


Trace Christianity’s impact through history with the inspiring ‘Saints and Heroes’ series.

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Discover the Timeless Tales of Faith and Courage with the “Saints and Heroes” Series Bundle.

Embark on an epic historical journey with George Hodges’ seminal works, ‘Saints and Heroes, Volume 1 and 2.’ This comprehensive two-volume set offers young readers an inspiring glimpse into the lives of pivotal Christian figures who shaped religious thought from 200AD through to the charismatic John Wesley.

Volume 1 begins with the dawn of Christian history, guiding readers through the sagas of early martyrs like Cyprian and Jerome, the profound wisdom of Augustine, the statesmanship of Charlemagne, and the reformative zeal of Wycliffe and Hus, concluding at the threshold of the Renaissance.

Volume 2 continues the narrative with the tumultuous era of the Reformation, featuring icons such as Luther, Calvin, and Knox, explores the perseverance of Bunyan, and culminates with the evangelical fervor of Wesley. Each chapter is a testament to the enduring legacy of these saints and heroes, portraying their extraordinary lives and the times in which they lived with depth and empathy.

Perfect for homeschoolers and young history enthusiasts, these volumes bridge the gap between storytelling and education, honoring the devout lives and momentous contributions of Christianity’s most influential figures.

Special Bundle Offer: Journey through centuries of spiritual dedication and human triumph with our discounted bundle. These books are not only a window into the past but a mirror reflecting the virtues of faith and bravery for the future generations.


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