Stephen of Philadelphia


Amidst the social and ethical complexities of Philadelphia, Stephen, an ambitious lawyer, faces moral dilemmas, discovers unexpected love, and engages in a high-stakes, personal fight for justice.

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Venture to the New World’s burgeoning landscapes with Stephen, a young Quaker boy journeying from London’s confines to the promising shores charted by William Penn. As Stephen and his fellow settlers lay the foundations for what will blossom into the iconic city of Philadelphia, James Otis skillfully unveils the intricate tapestry of early colonial life. Beyond the settlers’ remarkable industry and resourcefulness, the story delves deep into the complex web of religious and political tensions. Witness the Quakers’ unwavering commitment to peace and equality, even as they navigate the often challenging relationships with other colonists. Join Stephen’s journey and experience the forging of a city, the challenges of faith, and the birth of a community destined for greatness.

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