Successful Homeschooling Made Easy


A 20-year homeschooling veteran shares wisdom and advice in this easy-to-implement guide to setting up a homeschool that works for you and your family.

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At last! Stephanie Walmsley’s popular Successful Homeschooling Made Easy course is available in book form. This simple-to-follow, easy-to-understand book will guide you through the details of exactly what you need to do to start successfully homeschooling today.

Written by a homeschooling mother and qualified teacher, who has walked the talk and understands how to work with children at home, you will learn about the practicalities of homeschooling. Things like creating timetables, lesson plans, organisation, and scheduling are easy once you know how. You’ll even learn how to run a sane and tidy household while homeschooling, how to choose the best curriculum for your children, how to make extracurricular activities work with your family, and so much more.

By working through this book you will be homeschooling successfully in no time, while also saving time and money as you learn how to avoid all the overwhelming information, unsuitable homeschooling curriculum, and events.

What people are saying about Successful Homeschooling Made Easy:

  • I now feel confident in my own ability to homeschool my children and to not get too stressed about doing it all right. – M S
  • I really liked the way you gently walked me through the process of establishing what suits our family and how we want to work. Planning and homeschooling are so enjoyable now. Thank you. – B S
  • I can’t explain how invaluable this has been and still is. In the everyday bustle of life it is easy to forget why you set out on this particular journey so now, every time I look at our Homeschool Goals, which is on our fridge, I am reminded why we are homeschooling and exactly what we want to achieve. It provides that hope and inspiration and excitement that we felt when we first decided to homeschool. It keeps us going when things get tough. I also love the variety of templates for lesson planning and scheduling. – A G
  • This has been a wonderful experience for me. I loved reading the stories and getting organization ideas. You have really got me thinking about my values and helped me to work out why I want to homeschool. Thanks. – H E
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