Tales from a Poultry Farm


From the author of Among the Meadow People comes this collection of 18 short tales about the creatures in the gardens outside the author’s home.

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From the author of Among the Meadow People and other books in its series comes Tales from a Poultry Farm, a collection of 15 stories about the various birds found on the farm.

From the author’s introduction- “I have often wondered why there were not more stories written about Chickens and their friends, and now I am glad that there have been so few, for I have greatly enjoyed writing some for you. Did I ever tell you that I cared for my father’s Chickens when I was a little girl? That was one of my duties, and the most pleasant of all. It was not until I was older that I became acquainted with Ducks, Geese, and Turkeys, and I always wish that I might have lived on a poultry farm like the one of which I have written, for then I could have learned much more than I did.

“…One must learn much outside of school, as well as inside, in order to be truly well educated. You should never look at poultry and say, “Why, they are only Hens!” or “Why, they are only Ducks!” Quite likely when they look at you they may be thinking, “Why, they are only boys!” or “Why, they are only girls!” Yet if you are gentle and care for them, you and they will learn to think a great deal of each other, and you will win new friends among the feathered people.”

Collect all of the Among the … People series with new color images as well as Dooryard Stories, also by the same author, available now from Living Book Press.

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