The Bible in Spain


Published in 1843, ‘The Bible in Spain’ is George Borrow’s enthralling account of distributing Protestant Bibles in Catholic Spain. A literary gem filled with vivid landscapes and complex faith dialogues.

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Published in 1843, The Bible in Spain by George Borrow offers a unique window into the political and religious climate of 19th-century Spain. Borrow, a controversial figure and agent for the British and Foreign Bible Society, faced considerable hostility as he ventured to distribute Protestant Bibles in a Catholic stronghold. Yet, the book transcends its missionary premise to become a literary masterpiece.

Borrow’s gift for storytelling is evident in his evocative descriptions of Spain’s landscapes, people, and customs. His keen observations and vivid prose transport you into the heart of a nation at a pivotal moment in its history. This work is not merely an account of religious endeavor; it’s a compelling journey that explores the complexities of faith, the intricacies of cultural exchange, and the enduring beauty of a land and its people – all penned by a writer with a remarkable ability to bring his surroundings to life.

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