The Discovery of Guiana


Navigate perilous waters and untamed wilderness with Raleigh’s “The Discovery of Guiana.” A milestone in exploration history that unveils the Orinoco River and Amazon rainforest.

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to search for a city of gold? The Discovery of Guiana takes you along on Sir Walter Raleigh’s 1595 expedition, a journey filled with challenges and high stakes.

Raleigh and his crew navigated the perilous Orinoco River and ventured deep into the Amazon rainforest, facing dangers that would make most turn back. But the risks led to groundbreaking discoveries, like the Orinoco River and insights into indigenous cultures.

Raleigh’s expedition is more than a tale of adventure; it’s a cornerstone in the history of exploration that helped shape our understanding of the New World. So, if you’re an adventure seeker or history buff, this book is your ticket to one of the most daring expeditions ever undertaken.

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