The First Book of Bees


Bees are organized, intelligent and a boon to our planet! Their relationship with humans has only enhanced their positive impact! Learn everything about bees, hives and beekeeping in this colorful book! It’s a great introduction to the world of bees for all ages!

The First Book of Bees – Softcover
The First Book of Bees – Hardcover
The First Book of Bees – PDF
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Dive into a bee colony, understand its inner workings and the intricate relationship with beekeepers in this colourful, easy to understand, treasure trove of knowledge!

Plants, bees and humans all help each other and grow in harmony through the processes described in this book. Fall in love with the organisation and dedication of one of the most industrious creatures in the world. Learn the hierarchy a hive – how do Queen Bees claim their throne, what does at drone do, where are the pollen baskets, how is the hive made, how to bees communicate – you get all the inside scoop.

Readers all ages will no longer see a simple bee flying through the garden, but a fascinating friend without which we would all starve!

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