The First Book of Bugs


As humans, we are bound to find bugs in our daily lives. Learn all about them in this simple and bright book! Curious children who love interacting with insects will discover a plethora of facts and knowledge in this vividly illustrated living book.

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A great introduction to the world of the tiny insects we often overlook, this book is perfect for kids who enjoy exploring! Get an insight into the daily life and activities of many different bugs. The First Book of Bugs presents detailed information about insects in a fun a simple way, accompanied by many illustrations.

If you see your little one enjoying their outdoor time, looking for creepy-crawlies, this book will fill them with wonder and learning like never before! Learn about ants, bees, butterflies, crickets, moths, beetles, wasps, spiders and many others in this comprehensive guide for people of all ages!

A mix of biology, anthropology and history makes this book an easy read that does not feel like a textbook! The First Book of Bugs is a must have for all home libraries that you will revisit time and again!

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