America’s Children Bundle – James Otis


Journey through America’s past with children’s stories of courage and adventure.

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Step Back in Time with the James Otis America’s Children Bundle.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure through the vibrant tapestry of American history with this captivating bundle of James Otis’ stories. Each book in this comprehensive collection is a window into the life of a child during a defining moment in America’s past, complete with the original illustrations that bring the era to life.

From the wild expanse of Oregon with “Antoine of Oregon” to the bustling streets of “Stephen of Philadelphia,” young readers will journey alongside characters their own age, experiencing the trials and triumphs of the nation’s formative years. Share in the pioneering spirit of “Benjamin of Ohio,” witness the resilience in “Hannah of Kentucky,” and sail across the seas to “Mary of Plymouth” as each narrative unfolds the rich history of a young America.

Through the eyes of “Calvert of Maryland,” “Martha of California,” “Peter of New Amsterdam,” “Philip of Texas,” “Richard of Jamestown,” “Ruth of Boston,” and “Seth of Colorado,” children will discover the diverse landscapes, cultures, and events that shaped the American colonies and beyond. These stories not only entertain but educate, offering a unique perspective on the day-to-day life of colonial children and the early pioneers.

This special bundle is a tribute to the spirit of adventure and the strength of the young people who helped build a nation. It’s a celebration of heritage, courage, and the enduring legacy of America’s youth.

Special Bundle Offer: Immerse your child in the formative episodes of American history with our exclusive bundle offer, featuring the original illustrations and tales of yesteryear’s youthful zest at a celebratory discount.




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