Dogs of Destiny


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For centuries, dogs have been more than just pets; they’ve been our confidants, heroes, and timeless companions. In this beautifully illustrated collection by Paul Brown, Fairfax Downey delves deep into the tales of 49 extraordinary dogs. Discover Argus, who waited years for his master Ulysses, and Jester, a Poodle whose obedience is the stuff of legends.

But this isn’t just a book about dogs. It’s a journey through pivotal moments in history, viewed from the paws and perceptions of our loyal four-legged friends. Each story, systematically arranged, not only chronicles the evolution of our bond with dogs but also tugs at the heartstrings. Perfect for young readers and anyone with a soft spot for animals, these tales are a blend of historical richness and raw emotion.

Dive into a world where history barks and tales wag. Who knows? The next legendary dog could be the one cuddling beside you.

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