He Went With Hannibal


Follow Brecon as he fights to save his home by joining Hannibal in this wonderful living book that teaches both history and geography.

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Brecon, 13, and already a tribal chief in Spain, must leave home and join Hannibal. Sent to Carthage, he learns to read and write, ride as one with his horse, and wrestle well enough to defeat a tough bully. With Hannibal he embarks on a dangerous and exhausting journey from New Carthage, across the Alps with an army of men and elephants, into the heart of Roman territory.

Hannibal says: “That’s how we’ll keep our homes safe, fighting him in his country, not ours. We’ll make Rome weary of war. Then we can live in peace where we like.”

Brecon does not want to kill anyone, but he is eager to serve Hannibal and desires freedom from the increasing Roman tyranny. He works not as a solider, but as a scribe, and then Hannibal’s spy, acting as tutor to a Roman family in the heart of Rome itself.

Will Hannibal and his army save Carthage? Will Brecon ever find the peace and happiness he craves?

Louise Andrews Kent is a master storyteller, weaving historical accuracy and immersive adventure into one epic voyage of discovery.

This new edition features all the original illustrations and clean, readable text. It is a fantastic living book teaching about history and geography, recommended for ages 10 and up.



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