He Went With Marco Polo


Follow Tonio Tumba from Venice to Cathay as he joins Marco Polo’s famous expedition in this wonderful living book that teaches both history and geography.

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Cathay is a long way from his home in Venice, but when 14-year-old gondolier, Tonio Tumba receives the chance of a lifetime, he doesn’t say no. Leaving behind his only possession, a shabby green gondola, Tonio eagerly joins Marco Polo on his adventure.

As Tonio and the Polo family travel the dangerous silk road to modern-day China, they encounter many fascinating people and dangerous perils. When Tonio rides into Cathay on one of the Khan’s elephants, he says to his friend, Pietro: “Elephants are grand… but give me a horse any time – unless I could have a gondola. When we get back to Venice, I’ll take you out in mine.”

There are many wonderful sights, amazing inventions and great riches to discover, though Tonio looks forward to getting back home – but many years will pass before his chance to see the canals of Venice again. When so much has changed will Tonio find anything worth returning for?

Louise Andrews Kent is a master storyteller, weaving historical accuracy and immersive adventure into one epic voyage of discovery.

This new edition features all the original illustrations and clean, readable text. It is a fantastic living book teaching about history and geography, recommended for ages 10 and up.



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