Mary of Plymouth


Caught in a struggle between love and duty, Mary, a Plymouth settler, navigates the challenges of the New World, uncovers hidden truths, and makes life-defining choices.

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Step back into the pivotal moments of America’s beginnings with Mary of Plymouth. As a young girl aboard the iconic Mayflower, Mary witnesses the highs and lows of forging a life in an unfamiliar land. James Otis intricately crafts a story rooted in authenticity, delving deep into the daily toils, hopes, and struggles of the early Pilgrims. Through Mary’s eyes, readers gain a poignant insight into the complex relationships the settlers shared: their wary interactions with the native tribes, disagreements amongst themselves, and the challenges posed by fellow Englishmen who strayed from strict Puritan ideals. Journey with Mary and experience the heart and tenacity that defined the early chapters of American history.

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