Philip of Texas


Love complicates duty for Philip, a Texas Ranger, as he navigates outlaws and ethical challenges. Torn between romance with Emily and justice, he faces life-altering decisions.

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Venture into the untamed heart of 1840s North Texas with Philip, a young homesteader facing the challenges of a raw and unpredictable land. In this captivating installment of James Otis’s celebrated series, readers are introduced to a world where families stake their claim and defend it against nature’s wrath, from devastating floods to ferocious wild boar attacks. As Philip’s family weaves their story raising sheep and navigating complex dealings with suspected smugglers, the looming shadows of events leading to the Mexican-American War stir in the background. With a heartfelt portrayal of the trials and tribulations of an American pioneer family, Otis crafts a narrative filled with personality, passion, and historical depth. Let Philip’s tale whisk you away to a time of courage, determination, and ever-present adventure.

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